Hello, My Fellow Hunter!

You know your health needs to be a priority, but you are struggling to wade through all the information and just don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

You are here because: (check all that apply to you)

  • Your doctor has given you diet and exercise recommendations, but you need help implementing them.
  • You are looking for simple, easy steps to incorporate into your busy life.
  • You want to increase your energy levels naturally.
  • You struggle with inflammation and/or joint pain.
  • You are having intestinal issues and want to heal your gut naturally.
  • You are new to the vegan/vegetarian life style and need help learning and incorporating all the vital nutrients required to live a healthy and happy life.
  • You are an athlete or very active and want to improve your performance and reduce your recovery time, but you don’t want to rely on mainstream products that are loaded with chemicals and harmful ingredients.
  • You want to undo years of nutritionally void food choices and integrate whole unprocessed foods into your life.

That is exactly what I can help you with, my fellow Hunter!


Robin Jager, Holistic Health Coach

I’m Robin Jager, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and my passion is helping those seeking radiant health, athletes/active people looking for natural choices to improve performance, and those who want an alternative natural way to heal. I attended the Institute at Integrated Nutrition and I have developed different wellness programs to assist you. I will help you create an action plan geared specifically to your needs and goals. You will be given the tools to succeed and my support and guidance every step of the way.

Robin Jager, Jager Wellness, holistic health coachInterested in learning more about my journey and how I came to be a health coach? (Keep reading…I know you are excited to learn more!) When I was a teenager, I became a vegetarian and in all honesty I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I also didn’t have anyone to turn to for help. I experienced everything under the sun that every vegetarian faces from those who don’t understand, to those giving misinformation. Where do you get your protein? How about vitamin B-12? You know vegetarians are weak and sickly, you don’t want to be like that do you? This part of my life has been my greatest learning experience. I wanted to be able to have educated conversations about these questions, and to this day I still come across new exciting pieces of information about the benefits of living on a plant based diet.


Food Can Heal or Create Disease

About Robin Jager, Jager WellnessMy love for travel and adventure had taken me across the world, but in 2005 I found myself living in New Zealand completing my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. It was here in this beautiful country that my true journey to health and wellness began. I attended a lecture given by Sally Fallon, the Weston A. Price Foundation President, and my eyes were truly opened. She spoke of how food could change us structurally and how it could either aid in healing or aid in creating disease. I had to know more, and I have spent the years since reading and studying as much as possible.

Robin Jager, Jager WellnessLife can be a crazy ride full of unexpected opportunities and in 2011, I found myself face to face with roller derby. It is said that for many, they find roller derby during a transitional period in their lives. That was true for me. It helped me to find my strength and to regain my voice. Derby saved my soul and I have watched it save others. During this time, I was attending practices 3 times a week as well has running and lifting weights almost daily, with Sunday as my day of rest. I started researching the effect foods have on recovery, endurance and oxygen use. I incorporated this knowledge into my training and the results were incredible.

I love to travel, to peruse farmer’s markets, and to cook and eat delicious food. I find there is something soothing, almost tranquil, about chopping vegetable on a bamboo cutting board. The scent and taste of the spices and natural flavors of my recipes bring me pure enjoyment that uplift my spirits.

Robin Jager, Jager Wellness, pachoAnother joy in my life is my dog, Pacho, who will always be my favorite running partner and I will continue to have a love affair with good food!


Let the Hunt Begin!

Life is about finding what makes you come alive and having the courage to overcome the obstacles, whether they are poor health or a poor outlook on life that is holding you back. I can help you!

Want to know more about how I can help you achieve your goals? Check out my programs and let’s get started on your journey! Let the hunt begin!


Jager Wellness logoMy Koru – Hei Matau Logo

I am very proud of my logo and it carries with it a lot of meaning. As you learned above, my wellness journey began in New Zealand. I chose to meld together two powerful Maori symbols, the Koru (spiral) and Hei Matau (fish hook). The Koru depicts the opening of a fern frond and represents new beginning, rebirth, personal growth and awakening. The circular shape conveys perpetual movement while the inner coil symbolizes the return to the point of origin. The Hei Matau signifies strength and determination as well as abundance.

In my logo the Koru embraces the Hei Matau, cradling it. This represents all the change that happens in our lives. When we are faced with challenges and opportunities we must come back to our center or origin. It is from our center that we find our strength, our balance and our ability to move forward.


Whether you are an athlete looking to incorporate powerful natural foods to enhance your performance, a busy professional suffering from low energy levels, inflammation or gut issues, someone new to a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and need guidance on proper nutrition, or you are just looking to undo years of poor nutritional choices; I am here to help you.

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